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fewer mouse clicks than other charting systems

MINUTE exam time average using voice charting

MILLION voice-activated charts created per year

Searching For Hassle-Free Perio and Restorative Charting?

DenChart Makes Clinical Charting And Finding Exam Records A Breeze

DenChart is Dentech’s patented voice-activated charting software. Everything you need to chart patient exams in as little as 5 minutes, all in one place.

As one of the original pioneers in the dental software industry, many of today’s competing solutions you’ll encounter have followed our lead.

However, there are many patented features in DenChart that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Patented Perio Dental Charting Features

One-click tooth review

Click on a specific tooth and a new window appears. In seconds, you can review the history of a specific tooth. Previous conditions, prior treatments, status on suggested treatments? It’s all at your fingertips.

Auto-Compare Chart History In Seconds

This patented feature instantly gives you a detailed insight into what teeth are deteriorating or improving, based on exam records. Just hover over any tooth and a comparison box appears–no clicks or window switching required!

Call numbers quickly with Voice Triplets Commands™

The patented Triplet Commands allow you to provide measurements as a single spoken entry. Without pausing, you can just say “two one two” and those measurements will instantly be placed in the corresponding individual pocket depth order! Record three pocket depths for one full side of a tooth at one single time.  

Exam Focus Window™

Easily view the patented Exam Focus Window for 6ft. away. Display a magnified view of any tooth when charting perio or restorative conditions, with the option to view alongside the exam overview or a separate display.

Auto Advance/Resume

Automatically advance to the next tooth for charting perio pocket depths. You can also pause this patented feature to further chart conditions such as bleeding or recession and “resume” back to the next tooth with auto-advance enabled.

Patented Feedback Control

The voice-activated features are already highly accurate. With this extra control feature, you can fine-tune the speed of voice feedback to further eliminate data entry errors.

Flip Command

Flip between lingual or facial sides of a tooth with a single command.

Zooming and Panning

Another Dentech exclusive, allowing you to zoom or pan within the exam focus window.

Patented Restorative Dental Charting Software Features

Chart pre-existing conditionals and treatment plans with ease.

Keep track of treatment proposals and completed work.
You can also select defaults for various treatments, either manually or by voice. For example, whenever a crown is charted you can have “gold” automatically selected and change if needed.

Treatment and Insurance Plans

See which teeth have proposed treatments or scheduled procedures. Treatment Plan View helps your patients understand out-of-pocket vs. insurance costs for each potential treatment. Plus, you can switch to “teeth view” to show patients tooth image graphics, allowing you to further illustrate treatment options.

Integrated Digital Imaging

Our clinical charting allows you to load images from Apteryx right into the software. You get one-click access to everything instead of jumping around multiple program windows.

One-click image access loads your patient’s digital images seamlessly from Apteryx Digital Imaging to the patient’s digital chart so they are in one convenient location.

Enhance Your Workflow With Advanced Customization

Using voice-activated dental charting software is all about convenience. That’s why we help you really speed things along by including highly-configurable settings. That way, you can accommodate both individual users and office-wide preferences.

Other Reasons To Love Our Voice Charting 

Encourage more appointments with side-by-side treatment options, and more! Switch between perio and restorative mode. 

Compare Progress Mode

Compare Pocket, FGM, and Attachment

Quick Exam Recall

Recall past perio exams in seconds to compare for improvement or deterioration.

Tooth Flagging

Patented technology to bookmark tooth for future appointments

Tooth Zoom

Zoom in on any tooth to easily chart conditions

Compact Design

Chart exams within 2” radius, using 50% fewer mouse clicks with our patented Exam Focus Window.

Chart Unique Treatments

Encourage a wider range of treatments with unique options such as Space Maintainers.

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