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Navigating Dentech NextGen: Your Questions Answered

Our dental practice management software is designed to simplify your workflow and improve patient care by streamlining administrative tasks such as appointment scheduling and patient record keeping. 

We’ve received so many questions about the features and benefits of our software, which is why we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to address any concerns you may have!

What does Dentech NextGen cost?

For existing Dentech customers, there is a minimal upgrade and training fee.  Software upgrade licenses remain complimentary as included in your ongoing support.


What hardware and Internet connectivity is recommended with Dentech NextGen?

Our technical specialists will reach out to your team and complete a full audit to determine if your existing hardware and network meets the minimum technical requirements for upgrading to Dentech NextGen. 


What is included when I sign up with Dentech NextGen?

With signup, you also get full-time support and access to training materials.


What type of initial training does Dentech provide when we sign up?

Dentech provides an initial set-up session with our training team. Our training staff will help you determine the exact steps needed to transfer your information based on your previous equipment and software, and guide you in getting your practice fully configured with Dentech Nextgen. Typical training will last 3 to 4 hours depending on your previous Dentech software knowledge. Your practice will also be assigned a customer success manager who will work with the office. 


Does my patient data transfer from my current version of Dentech?

Dentech transfers 100% of your patient data from legacy Dentech to Dentech NextGen.


How will I stay up to date on how to use Dentech NextGen?

Dentech regularly releases tutorial videos for our feature packed software, as well as newsletter updates and a Facebook group for questions. Your Customer Success Manager assigned to your practice is also available to help with any questions you have.


How will I get Dentech NextGen updates?

Updates are released and applied to your system remotely. There is no downtime for your practice.

We hope our list of frequently asked questions has helped address any questions you may have had about our Dentech practice management software! But don’t stop there – now’s the perfect time to upgrade your practice management system and start optimizing your workflow. We look forward to assisting you with your upgrades!

Ready To Upgrade To Dentech NextGen?

We’re committed to supporting you in providing the best possible patient care. With Dentech Next-Gen, we’ve focused on simplifying tasks and enhancing your workflow. It’s about making your day easier so you can focus on what matters most. Consider upgrading your practice today, and see the Dentech difference first hand!