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Our Roadmap

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For Windows Users: Add New Locations Under Company

Browser Zoom

Better Font, Icons & Colors For Easy User Readability.

Cannot delete Patient / Employer / Insurance, etc. ā€“ no irregularities in data


Better Looking Reports

Insurance Splits Explanation Screen

Unlimited Benefit Classes

Write off, Clear Insurance and Patient Balance Split

5 Minute Time Intervals

Checkout from Scheduler ā€“ Appointment monitor and Appointment Scheduler Sync

Appointment & Patient Information on Hover

Status and Alert Icons in Appointment

User Defined Chair Names

Unlimited Chairs

Color Coded Appointment Scheduler for Provider Blueprinting

Patient Waitlist

Unlimited Patients Can Be Copied to Clipboard

Provider/Patient Colors For Every Appointment

Brand New Interface

Directly View Scheduler Without Selecting A Patient/Provider

Multiple Guarantors Per Family

Unlimited Medical Alerts

Unlimited Insurances

Unlimited Employers

Move Patient History to Different Account Without Creating New Account

Combined Quick Registration and Patient Registration

Multi Location / Multi Company sharing ADA, Provider, etc.

Larger Icons

Patient Picture Shown on PIB

Global Patient Select

Search in Left Menu

Left Sliding Menu

Top Menu Representing the Flow of A Dental Office

Patient Alerts

Generate Claim to Claims Directly Without Waiting for Task Scheduler

Auto Update Payor IDs

Post Insurance Cards Payments through Insurance Payment Screen Shown as Credit Card Payment in Bank Statements

Unlimited Patient Care Forms

Mass Emails for Statements

EMR Certified/HiTech

Stop New Entries if Backup Fails

Voice Dictation for Clinical Notes

Last 5 Patients Viewed

Store Screen ID Number on Screen for Support

Archive System (Separate CPU User friendly Access)

Prompt Help Icon on Each Screen

Dentech IOS/Andriod app

Print Manager integrates with Dendox

Bulk Holiday Pay for Employees Time Clock

Fingerprint for Time Clock In / Out

Claims Status Dashboard

Correct the date in the report coming from spooler to the date of EMC

Report of production of patients by Insurance carriers

Report on Cancelled Codes

Change the Wording of Charge Entry

Deductible Reset for Deleted Charges

Real Time Insurance Eligibility

Insurance Bugs-Test Cases

Document Management Tab for Nextgen

Family Deductible Splits

Show Patient Referrals

GOJS Plugin for Family Tree

Age in Fractions

Staff View Only Patient Color Coding and Tagging

Lock Patient Info to Prevent Unwanted Deletes

“Last Updated” Timestamp

Contingent Rating for Treatment Planning

Tracking Treatment Plans ( even when changed to ā€˜Cā€™ )

Quick Registration from Appointment Scheduler

Multi-office Scheduling

Scheduling for future dates (Ex: 0125-> should take 01/25/2020)

Treatment Plan Module: Appointment Scheduling, Provider/hygienist smart time slots predefined

Drag and Drop Scheduling

Patient Information Bar “PIB”

Patient Information Bar “PIB”

Our Roadmap


Dentech’s software is user definable, meaning you can ask us to make changes! Our top priority is that your practice needs are met and exceeded. So, if you would like to make a software enhancement request, please describe it and we will see to it that your changes are made.

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