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End of Year Procedures

2022 is coming to an end! Prepare yourself by completing these procedures at the end of the year.

Business Associate Agreement

Preview our Business Associate Agreement.

License Transfer Instructions and Important Information

Looking to transfer a license to a new ownership? Take a look at the instructions here to complete a License Transfer.

Software Conversions

With decades of knowledge and vast experience Dentech’s conversion team can assist with any conversion from any software platform. A dedicated team will assist you step by step in the process to ensure that the data you need is both there and accurate to make your transition to Dentech as smooth as possible. Call 800.233.4998 ext. 239 or email

Financial Options

We offer a variety of options that best fit your financial needs. From leasing, financing to payment plans, Dentech has the financial plan that will work with you. For more information or to get in contact with a sales representative who can answer your questions, please email or call 800.233.4998 ext. 239.

Dentech System Requirements

Dentech solutions strongly adhere to compliance with MICROSOFT WINDOWS operating systems and specified hardware requirements herein. The entire Dentech solution suite has been tested and certified using the system requirements described herein. Any deviation may result in unpredictable behavior and/or poor performance.

I have worked at my office for 30 years and we have always had the Dentech system and I really do like it. If we have issues the team over there is always happy to help.

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