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Finding A Dental Practice Management Software Company Can Be About As Much Fun As A Root Canal, Until Now…

We understand you’re busy enough helping patients. With Dentech, adding practice management software to your business is seamless, not another time-consuming task.

Dental Practice Management Done Right

Dental Practice Management Software Done Right

  • Advanced financial & patient reports all in one place
  • Easy insurance processing features
  • Appointment scheduler makes planning your day effortless
  • Employee time clock with extensive reports for payroll/accounting
  • Security features provide user logs, write-off limits, etc.
  • One-click access to scheduling, insurance verification, and more!

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The First-Ever Dental Practice Management Software Of It’s Kind

We go all the way back to when dental practices were still using pegboards to keep track of patient appointments! By listening to the needs of practice owners and brainstorming how to solve their day to day challenges using technology, Dentech was born.

White-Glove Service

We continue that tradition of listening to your needs as a practice owner and provide a level of service that’s in a class of its own, anytime you need us.

Unparalleled Security And Ease Of Use

Working with Dentech’s dental practice management software is a breeze. An intuitive interface and user-guided features make working within the software an easy (dare we say – enjoyable!) experience. Plus, advanced security features and user logs give you total piece of mind that every aspect of your practice is being managed accurately.

How does Dentech help manage your practice?

We offer features that directly cater to your practice’s every need. Our goal is to help your practice run smoothly so you can provide the best patient care imaginable.

Quick Phone Inquiry

Patient information at your fingertips! With one click, you’ll have the ability to view patient information, history, and insurace, and more. 

Appointment Scheduler

Dentech Appointment Scheduler will streamline your day and increase your efficiency. Maintaining an organized schedule has never been easier!

Treatment Planning

Dentech’s comprehensive treatment planning program is an effective tool for presenting proposed treatments to patients.

Insurance Processing

Processing insurance claims has become a complex matter in dental offices today. Dentech will streamline insurance exceptions and fee schedules to relieve your staff of unnecessary manual tracking.

Advanced Reporting

Dentech Practice Management offers an extensive range of different reports for the benefit of your practice. These reports include:

Advanced Security

Dentech’s advanced security features will ensure the financial integrity of your practice is not compromised.

Trackable HIPPA Logs

Trackable HIPPA logs allow you to track activity on your system by each employee carrying out the work.

Time Clock

The Dentech Time Clock keeps track of employees’ working hours and allows you to create reports of each employee’s hours for any given time period.

Clinical Notes

Add notes to every patient file 

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