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DenTech’s ‘Check Me In’ Kiosk And Appointment Monitor:

The Fast And Contact-Free Way To Streamline Your Dental Practice’s Patient Check-Ins

  • See check-in status and start treatments even if reception’s busy

  • Replace a busy front desk with self check-ins

  • Automatically keep patient info and appointment statuses updated

Digital Patient Check-In Kiosk And Appointment Monitor Benefits

Having a digital ‘Check Me In’ kiosk in your reception area not only streamlines check-ins, it promotes additional privacy and safety for patients.

Patients can instantly check themselves in, update their profile picture, and digitally notify staff if there’s information to be updated.

Auto-generate patient care forms and check-in status are readily available, allowing providers to start treatment even if reception is busy.

Key Features Of The ‘Check Me In’ Kiosk:

Simple Check-in

Have patients check in by selecting their appointment from a list, by entering the last four digits of their SSN, or using their phone number

Customized Intake Form

Ask patients up to 9 questions to help keep their info updated. If nothing’s changed, they don’t have to waste time waiting to tell reception

Automated Care Forms

Automatically generate patient care forms upon self check-in

Our office is a big fan of the Check-Me-In tablet and appointment monitor system. Our patients gravitate towards it and love that they can now alert us to any information changes since their last visit. We love the photo feature because we know who we are getting from the waiting room, which is great for new staff and new patients. The system notifications improve workflow by notifying staff when patients arrive and updates them immediately when there is a change in the schedule. We like having the capability to adjust the settings per staff so you only see your patients and have customized alert sounds.


Dr. Lydy’s Office, MI

Appointment Monitor Benefits

The appointment monitor allows you and your staff to view the status of each day’s appointments at a glance.

View all the appointments on a given day or filter the list for a specific provider. At any given moment, you’ll be able to see which patients are in treatment, who is checked in, and who has been checked out.

Each of these statuses can be updated with a single click or by drag-and-drop, all within a single user-friendly interface.

Key Features Of The ‘Check Me In’ Appointment Monitor

Appointment Management

Easily monitor patients check-ins and appointment progress

Patient Notes

Add important patient or appointment notes in seconds

Easy Form Management

One-click patient care form printing

“Alexa, Show Me My Appointments . . .”

That’s right! For over 40 years, at Dentech, we have a reputation for pioneering a lot of the dental software features used today. In fact, many have become industry standards.

Now, Dentech’s ‘Check Me In’ appointment monitor is on the cutting-edge, allowing you to get real-time information with just the sound of your voice.

Ask Alexa to:

  • Get info about patient and appointment status
  • Print patient care forms, on-demand
  • Change the status of a patient’s appointment, and so on.

It’s like having an extra receptionist without the added payroll!

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