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Dental IT Security Services Managed For You, Not By You

Stay secure no matter how busy things get. Dentech can manage your practice’s antivirus, server and network security, cloud backups, and more.

Your Practice’s Data And Security Are More Important Than Ever

Businesses that hold patient health information (including dental practices) are often a major target for cybersecurity threats.

Even small practices are often targets because many hackers see them as low-hanging fruit, less likely to have the time and resources to stay protected.

Beyond this, you never know when your data and hardware will be vulnerable to a physical threat such as fire, inclement weather, or even theft.

That’s why our team at Dentech offers a wide variety of managed services mentioned below.

While you focus on serving patients, we can do all the heavy lifting to keep your dental practice’s network secure, safeguard your data, and help you remain HIPAA compliant.

Which Of These IT / Security Services Can We Help Your Dental Practice With?

Never Lose Important Data Again With DenCloud™

At a moment’s notice, your dental practice’s data could be compromised. In turn, this can cost you a small fortune in lost productivity and HIPAA-related issues*.

DenCloud creates a cost-effective way to safely store and backup your data:

  • Secure offsite data storage 
  • Access cloud backups from any device, anywhere
  • State-of-the-art tech to shield your data from device failure, malware attacks, and natural disasters

Plus, receive daily reports on backup status via email! 

Did You Know? A single HIPAA violation for improperly creating, using, storing, or sharing patient info can cost a minimum of $100-$50,000 per violation. (Source:

Stop Malicious Attacks With A Managed Firewall

No more wondering and waiting for the moment something bad will happen, costing you time, money, and productivity.

Dentech’s Firewall Management system for dental practices can stop intrusions and disarm threats to your software and data in REAL-TIME, plus:

  • Get weekly Check-Point reports on network health
  • Monitor incoming network traffic for potential threats
  • Set website filters to block unwanted sites
  • Added security for spam and email
  • Auto-update your antivirus software

Plus, your firewall comes protected under warranty! 

Did You Know? Out of all industries, health care organizations make up one-third of data security breaches. In the U.S., it’s the #1 targeted industry! (Source:

Keep Systems Healthy With Antivirus Monitoring

Cybersecurity for dental practices is absolutely critical in today’s world. Viruses were bad enough. 

Now you have to worry about new threats, like cyber criminals using ransomware to make you pay a hefty sum just to get your own data back.

With Dentech’s Antivirus Monitoring for dental practices, you’ll always have peace of mind:

  • We automatically update your antivirus so you’re always protected*
  • Get notifications when new threats are detected
  • Protect your network and systems from cybersecurity threats like ransomware, malware, and cryptolocker

Don’t know what some of those are? You don’t have to anymore! We’ll take it from here. 

*Did You Know? 350,000 malware versions are identified every day. A new malware program is released every seven seconds. (Source:

Service & Network IT Services For Dental Practices

Imagine knowing before disasters strike and, when it does, never having to slow down to fix the issue yourself.

With Dentech monitoring, we take a proactive approach by monitoring for potential issues and solving them before they happen:

  • Covers server, switches, and internet
  • Never be blindsided by costly tech issues
  • Get weekly server and network reports
  • We monitor all “mission-critical” events and logs for your server
  • Monitoring of your server’s backup status

Plus, monitors your server performance and internet connection’s health.

Did You Know? IT downtime costs multiple billions in lost sales, lowered employee productivity, recovery costs, and more — per year!

Automatic Server And Computer Patch Management

Dentech’s Patch Management allows you to focus on running your dental practice while never having to worry about making sure your systems are updated.

  • Keeps all servers and workstations updated with the latest patches
  • Always have the latest Windows update
  • Protect yourself from vulnerabilities due to outdated systems

You have full control over which updates are allowed on your server or workstations and we make it happen for you.

Did You Know? Failing to patch systems is one of the most common security flaws that can lead to system infections and data breaches. (Source:

Ready To Have Your Dental Practice’s IT & Security Services Managed For You?

Getting started is easy! Simply fill in the form to request more info or give us a call at 800-233-4988 and we can answer any questions you may have.

You’re just moments away from never having to worry about cybersecurity threats, data loss, or updating your systems, ever again.