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  • Online patient scheduling
  • Automated Patient Waitlist
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What Can Dentech Do For Your Practice?

We offer features that directly cater to your dental practices every need. Our goal is to help your practice run smoothly so you can provide the best patient care imaginable.

Practice Management

For your clinic's every need

Voice-Activated Charting

Hassle-Free Perio and Restorative Charting

Document Management

Organize your patients' documents

Patient Check-In

Patient Check-In Kiosk and Moniter System

Patient Communication

Integrated Patient Communication Solution

Digital Imaging

Digital sensors, cameras, and software


Digitize your claims, prescriptions, and more

Managed Services

Dental IT Security Services Managed For You

Hardware Solutions

Large Selection of Hardware Solutions

Occasionally, Something Revolutionary Comes Along With The Potential To Disrupt An Entire Industry

Today, it’s no longer a question of whether your practice will use technology to operate efficiently. It’s a matter of where you’ll go? Who you can trust? Who will be there for your practice, truly listening to your needs?

You’ll hear a lot of companies beat the “original” or “best” dental practice software drum. 

In reality, Dentech is the longest standing dental software to ever exist with the company timeline to prove it.

We’ve become the foundation upon which the entire Dental Software industry is built, continually serving as the gold-standard other companies have modeled since 1978–a true disruptor.

Years Of Dental Software Knowledge

Happy Customers

Years Average Customer Retention

Customer Driven, Family Owned

When you become one of our beloved Dentechies, you’re not joining a faceless company run by chairmen, board members, and shareholders whose sole focus is on scaling their own business and stock prices.

You become part of a family-owned dental software company that prides itself on listening to its users. Empowering you with world-class tools so you can spend more time focused on improving people’s health and confidence through the art of dentistry.

Dentech Dental Practice Software

How One Man Came To Create A Dental Software Legacy

Back in the 1970’s, dental practices were still using pegboards to schedule and keep track of patient visits, but not for long.

After a full-ride to Carnegie-Mellon with a major in mathematics and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, Raymond F. Kaminski found himself in Michigan. There, he worked with Ford Motor Company on implementing business processes and computer technology throughout their organization.

Little did he know, this work experience would become the catalyst that would take him from the coal mines of Pennsylvania, to being at the helm of disrupting an entire industry.

The soon-to-be Dentech founder noticed an abundance of dental practices in the area. He wondered, “Instead of a pegboard, how can I solve scheduling–how can I solve EVERY part of running a dental business–with computers?”

He wanted to make this new vision a reality–a world where computer technology and dentistry fused together, improving the lives of doctors and patients alike.

And in that moment, Dentech was born.

You shouldn’t have to change the way you practice to fit your software.

Dr. Gross

The Healthy Smile Dental Center, Long-Time Dentech User

We Agree!

Which is why we’ve spent over 40 years constantly innovating, creating world-class dental solutions for practices across the nation. Take our voice-activated charting software for example. True to our legacy as industry disruptors, this charting software is the first of its kind with a variety of patented features.

In general, we make it easy to integrate Dentech into your practice. Our goal is to help your practice run smoothly so you can provide the best patient care imaginable.

This commitment to quality dental practice management software, in addition to customer relationships, is at the heart of everything Dentech does.



Dentech Dental Practice Software We Agree

It is my goal to not only continue the legacy that my father has built, but to also leverage modern day technology so that we can continue to provide world class solutions for our customers.

Jane E. Kaminski

COO, Dentech

Dentech Dental Practice Software Jane

Let's Work Together!

Dentech can help your practice run smoother than ever. Request a demo today to see how we can create an amazing clinical experience for your patients.

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Track Our Development Progress On The Features You Love!

Track Our Development Progress On The Features You Love!

Over the past year, we set out with a clear and practical goal: to upgrade our comprehensive Practice Management platform. We have the means to achieve that goal with developers, design talent, and a growing community of user feedback. I’m excited to bring you our product roadmap, which contains most of our active development and progress.

DenDox Update 2.1

DenDox Update 2.1

DenDox Software Enhancements: · Scan directly into an existing document through Image Editor. · Save edited files as a new version when in Image Editor. · Ability to rotate images in Image Editor. · Ability to send emails using Gmail. · Option to Zoom In and Zoom Out...

Let’s Build A Better Tomorrow. Happy New Year From Dentech.

Let’s Build A Better Tomorrow. Happy New Year From Dentech.

This is a defining period for our industry. Disruption has always been a part of our business. Yes, today our normal lives have been upended. The challenges are new. But I know that dentistry overall, has overcome many challenges in the past with tenacity and resilience. The culture of innovation fostered over the ages will help us to pivot and transform.


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