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Simplify and scale your dental practice with ease using Dentech’s eServices

Lighten your workload with our eServices: digital claims processing, e-statements, online patient prescription management, and more.


Welcome To A More Profitable Dental Practice Workflow

Doing more in your practice in less time doesn’t have to mean spending all day racing the clock or spending as little time as possible with each patient.

It goes without saying that when you improve your efficiency, you improve production and your dental practice’s profits.

Plus, it can help you manage one of the biggest problems that plague dentists: high overhead costs.

Dentech helps you work faster and lighten your load by offering a suite of eServices (listed below) to streamline key parts of your work.

Which Of These eServices Could Your Practice Benefit From?

eClaims – Electronic Claims Processing for Dentists

Dentech’s eClaims program helps process claims faster while reducing errors and the risk of delays due to rejections.

Increase your practice’s cashflow with key benefits such as:

  • Initial data scanning to verify important info before sending
  • Reduce time spent filling each claim
  • Submit claims with confidence knowing all info is in place and won’t be rejected

Go Paperless And Reduce Printing And Mailing Costs With eStatements

Do the work of two people without the added payroll cost and no longer having to worry about printing or mailing each patient statement.

Dentech’s electronic statement program allows you to:

  • Get statements to patients in less time, with less costs
  • Eliminate the need for mailing materials and expensive inventory
  • Never have to scramble at the last minute to prepare or mail statements

Manage Patients’ Prescriptions Online With DenScript™

From a single online platform, on any device, DenScript™ makes sending, storing, and retrieving any patient’s prescriptions hassle-free.

With DenScript™, dentists can now:

  • Securely send dental patient e-prescriptions with one click
  • Quickly check for any conflicts with existing medications
  • Easily store and retrieve medication and prescription history
  • Keep everything secure and easily accessible with cloud-based technology

Send Info And Get Paid Faster With FastAttach®

Imagine being able to send and receive important records, documentation, and images such as x-rays in minutes instead of days.

You can speed up your processing and revenue cycle with a lot less effort!

FastAttach® makes this a reality, allowing general practices and specialists alike to:

  • Easily send x-rays, perio charts, EOBs, pre-treatment estimates, and more.
  • Quickly process every piece of info needed to adjudicate a claim
  • Get paid in less time, with less work!

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