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Better Dental Imaging Is Just The Start

From high-res imaging and dental diagnostic tools, to advanced digital imaging software. Dentech has everything you need to streamline diagnoses and educate patients.

Discover the tools to create the best dental imaging experience for your practice and patients

The Best In Value With Superior Image Quality: XDR Radiology

The heart of it all, XDR’s superior imaging, intuitive design, and advanced features will have a ripple effect on your entire workflow.

Using XDR imaging software and digital sensors you will be able to provide rapid imaging and more accurate diagnoses.

A Winning Imaging Combo

Get the XDR Sensor along with the XDR software for a powerful imaging combo! XDR’s Anatomic Sensor comes with quality features like:

  • Top Tier Image Quality
  • Patented Maximized Mesial Imaging area
  • White Face For Intraoral Visibility
  • Comfort Corners
  • Avg Thickness <5.5mm
  • Smooth Button Contour
  • Immersibility


Who We Integrate With

Our software integrates with a large number of digital imaging software programs, improving efficiency and letting you focus on your patients!










(Formerly ImageFX)






And More!

Dental Sensors

For best dental imaging sensor, the XDR Anatomic Intraoral Sensor gets our vote.

You’ll be capturing high-definition images for years to come with superior comfort, hermetically sealed housing and reinforced cable.

The XDR Anatomic gets our highest rating for once again checking all the boxes when it comes to performance and value.

This dental equipment comes with a full 2-year warranty, no replacement deductibles, and no hidden fees!

XDR Anatomic Sensor

Apteryx TUXEDO Intraoral Sensor

Dental Cameras


Our Top Pick

The Apteryx LED IC100 Intraoral is our pick for the best dental imaging camera.

The LED IC100 gives you the perfect blend of value, performance, and simplicity.

It’s high-resolution output and auto-focus bring a new level of imaging quality you can quite literally see for yourself. With plug-and-play setup, diagnosing and educating patients is easier than ever!

Apteryx LED IC100 Intraoral Camera

The Best Dental Imaging Makes All The Difference

Not only does making the right selections help your dental practice run more efficiently, it empowers you and your patients to make the best decisions.

With the right digital imaging tools, you’ll be able to diagnose and inform patients of problem areas as early as possible. The need for your treatment suggestions will be crystal clear, in high-def detail.

Getting Started Is Easy…

Gone are the days of needing to keep your patients waiting because of film-based radiography and darkroom development.

For more info, or to discuss which dental software and digital imaging options are right for your practice, simply click the button below to get started.