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Dentech's Comprehensive Guide to Optimizing Your Dental Practice Workflow

In the ever-evolving realm of dentistry, efficient practice management stands as a cornerstone for success. The intersection of patient care and streamlined operations is where dental practitioners can truly shine. Dentech, with its vast experience spanning over four decades, introduces a comprehensive guide to mastering your dental practice workflow. This guide dives deep into an organized checklist system, detailing the myriad features of Dentech’s software. From daily to monthly tasks, we walk you through every step, ensuring your practice runs seamlessly.

DAILY CHECKLIST – Streamlining Your Daily Tasks

A practitioner’s day is filled with myriad tasks that require precision and prompt attention. The key is to not let the administrative aspects overshadow patient care. With Dentech’s daily checklist, we provide a structured approach, emphasizing features that will guide you through every patient interaction, from registration to check-out. Let’s delve into the specifics:

Charge: Enter all patient charges seamlessly. Access this feature in the ‘Patient’ tab or the ‘$’ icon.

Payment/Checkout: Manage patient payments, appointments, and recalls with ease. Look for this feature under the ‘Patient’ tab or ‘VISA’ icon.

Claims: Request insurance forms efficiently. Find this feature in the ‘Patient’ section.

Insurance Payments: Enter all insurance payments without hassle. Navigate to this feature in the ‘Patient’ tab.

Treatment Planning: Generate treatment plans whenever necessary. This is available in the ‘Patient’ section.

Appointment Directory: Keep track and generate a list of the next day’s appointments. Head over to the ‘Reports / Scheduling’ tab for this feature.

Quick Phone Registration: Register new patients quickly when they call for appointments. This can be found under the ‘Reports / Daily’ section.

Unbilled Work Report: Never forget a patient claim again with this feature which generates a report of patients we may have missed. Check it out in the ‘Reports / Daily’ tab.

Aging: Stay on top of account balances. This feature can be located in the ‘Maintenance’ tab.

Print Manager: Print the unbilled work report and delete aging efficiently. This can be accessed under the ‘File’ section.

Backup: Ensure your data’s safety by checking the Back-Up Listing. You’ll find this under the ‘File’ tab.

Financial Arrangements: Enter financial arrangements or promised payments effortlessly. Go to the ‘Billing’ section for this.

Dentists and dental professionals understand the essence of routine. By diligently following the Daily Checklist, practices can harness the full potential of Dentech’s software. This daily structure not only simplifies the administrative side of your day-to-day but also ensures that each patient receives the detailed attention they deserve, elevating the standard of care provided.

END OF DAY CHECKLIST – Wrapping Up Your Day Efficiently

As the sun sets and you conclude your patient appointments, there are vital tasks that need addressing to ensure the smooth flow of operations. Our end of day checklist is meticulously curated, helping dental professionals tie up all loose ends, balance their records, and prepare for the next day. Here’s what Dentech offers for a comprehensive wrap-up:

Log Inquiry: Balance your production totals and payments prior to printing the Daysheet. Find this feature in the ‘Reports / Daily’ section.

Daysheet: Balance production and payments effectively. Look for this feature under the ‘Reports / Daily’ tab.

Posting: Run this after verifying both charges and payments. This feature is located in the ‘Maintenance’ section.

Insurance Forms (Billing): Streamline the process of requesting electronic claims. Access this feature in the ‘Billing’ section.

Patient Care Forms: Generate patient care forms for the next day effortlessly. Navigate to ‘Reports / Daily’ for this feature.

Production Report: Gain insights with the detailed daily production report. You can find this in the ‘Reports / Monthly’ tab.

Insurance Forms (Processing): Process all insurance forms without any hiccups. This feature is located in the ‘Billing’ section.

Closing out the day in an organized manner is vital for any dental practice. The End of Day Checklist guarantees that every day concludes with all tasks in place, ensuring that the following day starts on the right foot. For dentists, this structure translates to more focus on clinical procedures and patient care, knowing the administrative end is seamlessly managed by Dentech.

WEEKLY CHECKLIST – Keeping Your Dental Practice Organized

In the bustling world of dental practice, a week can fly by in the blink of an eye. To ensure that no detail is overlooked, a weekly review becomes imperative. Our weekly checklist provides concise yet critical tasks that ensure the continuous optimization of your practice. With Dentech’s solutions, your week becomes a harmonious blend of patient care and efficient management:

Lost and Found Report: Efficiently locate patients that do not have an appointment or recall in the system. Access this feature under the ‘Reports / Daily’ tab.

Letter Book: Generate letters for patients and referrals with the Dentech Letter Book. You can find this tool in the ‘Reports/Misc.’ section.

Weekly tasks, though less frequent, play a pivotal role in the larger picture of practice management. The Weekly Checklist allows dental practices to sustain an organized momentum. Dentech empowers dentists to take control of their week, ensuring all vital tasks are addressed promptly, creating a robust foundation for the weeks ahead.

MONTH END – A Crucial Step in Dental Practice Management

The end of the month presents an opportunity for a holistic review of your practice’s operations. It’s a juncture where you analyze, adjust, and anticipate for the forthcoming month. Dentech’s month-end procedures encapsulate the essence of this analytical phase, ensuring that your practice remains ahead of the curve:

Month End Processing: Dentech’s internal program that stores monthly totals for comprehensive future analysis. This feature does not produce any immediate report after its generation. Dive into this tool under the ‘Reports / Monthly’ tab for your analytical needs.

Reset Maximums: Regularly check and reset annual maximums for insurance benefits. It’s recommended to run this at the end of the last working day of the month or in the morning of the first working day of the subsequent month. Find this feature under the ‘Reports / Monthly’ tab.

Wrapping up the month is more than just closing the books. The Month End steps are pivotal in setting the tone for the upcoming month. With Dentech’s features, dentists have a clear path to analyze monthly outcomes, ensuring the continuous growth and development of the practice. The Month End tasks lay the groundwork for a successful month ahead, keeping your practice always a step ahead.

MONTHLY PROCEDURES – Keeping Your Operations Smooth and Efficient

A month in a dental practice is a rich tapestry of patient interactions, treatments, and administrative tasks. To maintain a well-oiled machine, certain procedures need regular attention. Our monthly procedures checklist offers a gamut of features that cater to a wide range of operational needs, from account audits to appointment directories. Let’s explore:

Late Charges: Efficiently generate late charges for outstanding accounts. Access this feature in the ‘Billing’ section.

Statements: Generate patient statements effortlessly. Navigate to this tool under the ‘Billing’ tab.

Account Auditing: Ensure none of your patient accounts are out of balance. You can find this feature in the ‘Reports / Lists’ section.

Recall Directory: Generate reports or databases for selected months for patient recalls. Head to the ‘Reports / Monthly’ section for this tool.

Appointment Directory: Stay organized by generating reports or databases for selected monthly appointments. Access this tool under the ‘Reports / Monthly’ tab.

Monthly operations are the backbone of any dental practice’s administration. The Monthly Procedures section ensures that dentists maintain a smooth workflow without any hitches. By leveraging Dentech’s features, dental professionals can focus more on their clinical work, knowing that the monthly admin is streamlined and efficient, enhancing the overall patient experience.


MONTHLY REPORTS – Comprehensive Reporting for Effective Management

Informed decision-making is the hallmark of an effective dental practice. With a plethora of data points available, it’s essential to structure them in a manner that provides actionable insights. Dentech’s monthly reports are tailored to offer a bird’s-eye view of your practice’s operations, while also diving deep into specific metrics. Here’s what you can expect:

Revenue Report: This feature is available under the ‘Reports / Monthly’ tab, and its applicability is based on your practice’s needs.

Production Report: Gain a summary that showcases Gross & Net production by providers. Find this under the ‘Reports / Monthly’ section.

Producer A/R: A thorough Producer Account Receivable Report that displays A/R totals per provider, distinguishing between Insurance A/R & Account A/R per provider. Check this feature in the ‘Reports / Monthly’ tab.

Incomplete Work Report: Generate a list of all patients with outstanding treatment plans within a set timeframe, also catering to pre-determinations. Available under the ‘Reports / Monthly’ section.

Insurance Aging Report & Aged A/R Report: Stay on top of treatment plans and aging reports for patient balances respectively. Navigate to these tools in the ‘Reports / Monthly’ tab.

Payor Report: Receive a summarized view of balances aged up to 180 days. This feature can be located under the ‘Report / Monthly’ tab.

Activity Summary: Get an overarching summary of all charges, payments, and adjustments, including net changes. You can find this feature in the ‘Report / Monthly’ section.

Adjustment Report: View all adjustments made within a given timeframe. Access this summary under the ‘Report / Monthly’ tab.

Collection Report & Bank Deposit Report: Generate detailed reports on all payments and daily bank deposits respectively. Find these tools under the ‘Report / Monthly’ and ‘Report / Daily’ tabs.

Capitation Report: Generate capitation reports as needed (if applicable). This tool can be accessed under the ‘Billing’ section.

Understanding your practice’s metrics is the key to its growth. The Monthly Reports section provides dentists with a comprehensive overview of all crucial parameters. With Dentech’s in-depth reports, dental practices can fine-tune their operations, ensuring both clinical and administrative excellence. These reports are a goldmine of insights, aiding dentists in making informed decisions for the practice’s future.

ANALYSIS REPORTS – Dive Deeper into Your Dental Practice Metrics (Please note: Month-end reports must be generated before accessing these analysis features.)

The realm of analytics offers a treasure trove of information that can redefine the trajectory of your dental practice. At Dentech, we believe in empowering our clients with robust tools that not only present data but also tell a story. Our analysis reports are engineered to provide deep insights, enabling dental practitioners to fine-tune their strategies. Let’s explore these reporting tools:

Plan Analysis Report: Curate detailed insights by focusing on specific insurance companies, employers, or using form codes. This deep-dive analysis tool can be located under the ‘Reports / Analysis’ section.

Practice Analysis Report: Gain comprehensive understanding with this robust report that draws comparisons on production, collection, revenue, and pay class figures. You can even compare these metrics to a previous month or quarter if desired. Find this analytical feature in the ‘Reports / Analysis’ tab.

Referral Report: Understand the origins of your patients by tracking referral sources. This tool is instrumental in determining the effectiveness of various referral channels, and it’s available under the ‘Reports / Analysis’ section.

NOTE: While these are typically termed as “monthly” reports, there’s flexibility in their usage. Depending on your needs, they can be generated more frequently. You’re not confined to only running them at the month’s end, offering you greater adaptability.

Deep analysis is the cornerstone of continuous improvement. The Analysis Reports section is designed to provide dentists with detailed insights, allowing for strategic planning and improvements. Dentech’s analytical tools are designed to guide dentists, offering clarity on various metrics, ensuring that the practice always stays at the forefront of dental care excellence.

Final Thoughts: Mastering Dental Practice Management with Dentech

In the ever-evolving landscape of dentistry, practitioners require tools that streamline their administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on what they do best – providing top-tier dental care. Dentech’s comprehensive software, designed with the nuances of a dental practice in mind, offers just that. Through our meticulously curated checklists and insightful reporting, dentists are empowered to manage their practices with unparalleled efficiency. Embracing the features of Dentech’s software ensures not only smooth operations but also fosters a heightened patient experience. As the dental industry strides forward, Dentech stands as a trusted partner, championing practices towards sustained growth and excellence.