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Apteryx has ceased ALL updates to Apteryx Xray Vision V4 on June 1st, 2023, including critical security updates and system maintenance. This means that any bugs or critical security errors will NOT be rectified by Apteryx. Continued use of Apteryx Xray Vision V4 may inadvertently expose your practice to unforeseen technical difficulties. 

We strongly encourage our current Apteryx XV4 customers to upgrade their digital software. Dentech will continue fully supporting Apteryx XV4 for as long as possible, independent of support resources from Apteryx. However, we will not be able to help you recover images, ensure software security, or assist with bugs past the support end date. 

Stay A Step Ahead Of Security Risks with Dentech!

Here at Dentech, we believe in providing our customers with options to choose from that best fit their operations. We are currently offering two upgrade paths from Apteryx XV4:

– Purchase an upgrade to Apteryx XVWeb, a cloud-based software
Or migrate to XDR Radiology’s Imaging Software, a server-based software

Click the button below to get a free consult on which upgrade option is best for your practice!

We understand the urgency and want to make this transition easier for you. That’s why Dentech is offering a FREE TRIAL for 60 days of XDR Radiology’s dental imaging software. Experience high-quality imaging with unique diagnostic power to give your patients the best care possible. XDR Radiology’s Imaging Software is compatible with any digital imaging sensor or intraoral camera, creating a powerful imaging combination for your practice.