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There are many benefits of a dental practice going paperless, but how much can you really save with your practice going paper free?  In the next part of this three-part series, we’re breaking down your expenses when it comes to salaries and cutting down wasted employee time!

Employee Time is Money!

With a large number of paper files to go through, your team spends way more time filing and organizing documents than helping your practice grow. A paper document practice can spend more than 3 hours a week just filing and sifting through paper. In the United States, the average office manager’s salary range is around $40 an hour. That’s over $6200 a year going into simply sorting paper. That’s valuable time and money that can be spent doing what your office managers do best – helping your practice operate more efficiently!

Upgrading to a paperless software solution reduces time wasted for your employees in several ways. Not only does it save time from filling out paper forms, but it also saves time from organizing files. With your files sorted automatically in easily searchable ways, spending time to look for something is a thing of the past. Dentech’s practice management software keeps documents safe and simple in one place while managing all the organization for you.

Coming Up: Patient Happiness

Did you know keeping your patients happy also saves your business money? We explore how improving patient experiences ultimately reduces your cost in our final segment of this series.

Here at Dentech, we help you run a successful dental practice by cutting down on inefficient processes and saving you dollars and hours. With Dentech’s Practice Management Software and Document Management Solution, you’ll be able to set up a fully paper-free operation that’s not only efficient but cost-effective year after year.