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There are many benefits of a dental practice going paperless, but how much can you really save with your practice going paper free?  In the first part of this three-part series, we’re going to what really goes into equipment updates and the savings that come along with it long-term – and how Dentech’s document management solution can be your first step to a fully paperless practice!

Long-Term Savings with Equipment Updates

Digitizing your office may seem like both an expensive and frustrating process in the short term, but what about the long-term cost of a paper office? 

“Each year, U.S. companies spend over $120 billion on printed forms, most of which become outdated within three months”, according to The Paperless Project. From patient files to mailed invoices, the lifetime cost of paper supplies can really add up. Cutting out printing charts, documents, consent forms, and other hard copies, and moving time-consuming processes like mailing and filing to one-click digital options like Dentech’s practice management software not only reduces the material cost but also the staff costs as well. 

Recovering records after an emergency like a fire or flood can be especially costly. Having electronic document management ensures important documents can be updated in a simple, and timely manner while keeping proper accessible backups in case of disaster. Practice management consultant Wendy Aldhamen estimates that dental practices going fully paper-free can save around $10,000 a year through upfront investments in digitizing and choosing more sustainable options. Fully digitizing your files with Dentech’s document management software can get you started on reducing your reliance on paper files while keeping them secure.

Next Up: Employee Time is Money!

Save your team some time, so you can save your business money! Employee salaries can really become costly if your team is focused on busy work. See how cutting down paper processing gets you the most value from your employees in our next segment!

Here at Dentech, we help you run a successful dental practice by cutting down on inefficient processes and saving you dollars and hours. With Dentech’s Practice Management Software and Document Management Solution, you’ll be able to set up a fully paper-free operation that’s not only efficient but cost-effective year after year.