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Keeping chairs full in your practice can take a bit of a science…but Dentech is here to help! In the first post of our 3 part series on improving patient recall, we discussed how automating patient reminder communications can keep upcoming appointments top of mind for your patients. Today, let’s talk about how offering flexible appointment scheduling can really maximize your patient experience!

Flexible Scheduling

Scheduling flexibility is another factor to consider when it comes to getting your patients back in the chair. Often we default to giving patients limited options instead of having to go back and forth over the phone (or in person) to work out optimal times. Sometimes, appointment times just don’t work out, and you’re scrambling to fit someone in the middle of a busy day.

What if you could simplify the process and still save time? The Dentech Communicator has you covered. By giving your patients the benefit of selecting their own criteria that then automatically provides them with options for appointment times, you can keep both of your schedules compatible. Not only that, but Dentech’s practice management software offers a waitlist option for patients who cannot make their scheduled appointment, but isn’t sure when they’re available next. With so many options to provide flexible bookings, your patients feel heard, and you’ll spend less time scheduling (and rescheduling)!

Upcoming: Alleviating Patient Anxiety

Dental procedures can be nerve-wracking…so much so that some patients CAN try to avoid their appointment. Next up, we’ll be looking at how we can help your patients feel a little less scared of going to the dentist. Follow along on this series with us to see how you use Dentech Communicator to create the perfect patient recall system for your clinic!