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The biggest factor affecting patient recall is not scheduling, but patient anxiety towards treatments. In the final part of our three-part series, we’re going to take a look at how alleviating patient anxiety about their upcoming treatments can help reduce patient no-shows – and how Dentech’s products can help!

Alleviating Patient Anxiety

A common reason for missed recall appointments is the anxiety or fear associated with a trip to the dentist. Treatment procedures can be intimidating. Sometimes, taking a little extra time or effort to explain those procedures to the patient can really help relieve that uncertainty. With Dentech’s practice management software, you’ll be able to craft a treatment plan that breaks down all the details for your patients, from the procedure to the cost. A clearer breakdown of treatment planning can give patients more confidence in the process.

Sometimes a patient might have additional questions about their treatment plan or may want to keep a digital copy of pre-op or post-op instructions. Setting up Dentech Communicator to automatically send your patients pre-appointment instructions or tips based on treatment can be helpful in setting up proper treatment expectations.

Two-way messaging and additional, personalized options for sending instructions for care can also help put their mind at ease, giving them a safe space to ask questions and express concerns. With proper communication, your patients will know exactly what to expect and how to care for their dental health after their treatment, making the healing process much more effective!

Setting Up Your Patient Engagements For Success

A little communication goes a long way!

Here at Dentech, our focus is to help you build a solid patient-practice relationship through improving patient experience. With Dentech Communicator and Dentech’s Practice Management Software, you’ll be able to set up a patient communication process that will help your patients stay on top of their dental health and ultimately increase your recall rates.