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There are many benefits of a dental practice going paperless, but how much can you really save with your practice going paper free?  In the last part of this three-part series, we take a look at how patients make their dentist selection process based on specific experience preferences, and how that can lead to savings for you!

Happier Patients = More Savings?

According to a survey done by the Manifest in 2018, only 13% of people prefer using physical forms, whether completed in person or by mail. Since the rapid digitization of 2020, that percentage has only decreased. Proper patient retention is the best way to save (and make!) money for your practice, with a 25% decrease in cost compared to patient recruitment. So, in a way, choosing the options that make your current patients happier DOES save you money!

Today, there’s also a large focus on choosing sustainable options. The Global Sustainability Study of 2021 shows that over 30% of Millennials will choose a sustainable alternative when available. Providing an intake and treatment process that fits the digital and more sustainable lifestyle of patients today only serves to bring you and your patients closer together.

It’s Time To Go Paperless

We’ve explored 3 major money-saving reasons for your dental practice to go paperless. Save your practice thousands a month by moving towards a paperless dental practice.

Here at Dentech, we help you run a successful dental practice by cutting down on inefficient processes and saving you dollars and hours. With Dentech’s Practice Management Software and Document Management Solution, you’ll be able to set up a fully paper-free operation that’s not only efficient but cost-effective year after year.