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Paper gets lost…files out of folders…patient records are put down and forgotten. It can be a mess! Plus, they take up so much space!

Handle all your document needs completely paper-free with Dentech’s Document Management solution, Dendox, and spend less energy keeping track of your piles of paper documents.

Your patient’s security is of the utmost importance. Securely store your Dentech reports, patient intake forms, health histories, and more into Dendox. Minimize mistaken or lost documents in your office by digitizing your files and keeping them within the Dendox program. Looking for a specific patient exam file? Search the patient or document name, and it’s right there.

[VIDEO] A quick look at what DenDox can do for you!

Interested in fully digitizing your practice with little to no setup? Ask our team about adding DenDox into your Dentech solution, so we can get you paper-free…right now! Contact or call 800-233-4998 ext. 219.