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Dentech announces partnership with EDMS Dental’s Dentallytics™ software to provide customers with quality operational reporting. The analytics platform provides consistently accurate reports when integrated with Dentech’s solutions and is sure to be an asset when paired with Dentech’s brand new Practice Management Software.

“EDMS Dental shows considerable expertise in showcasing crucial data and optimizing practice performance in an easily understandable dashboard,” says Jane E. Kaminski, Dentech’s Chief Operating Officer. “Integrated with Dentech’s software, already rich in robust reporting functionality, we now have advanced analytics with real-time dashboards that go beyond the competition in advanced reporting features. We are excited to be providing our customers with such an extraordinary product combination.”

About Dentech

Founded in 1978 as one of the original dental software companies in the industry. Dentech remains dedicated to providing the very best products and services available in the dental industry. Today, Dentech develops innovative software solutions that enhance patient care and build strong, thriving dental practices throughout the country. Dentech provides complete solutions for all practice needs. For more information, contact or visit

About EDMS Dental

Founded in 2016, EDMS Dental created the first commercial integrated data warehouse for Dentistry, Dentallytics. Working across 28 different Practice Management Software Systems, Dentallytics integrates Dental data, Accounting data and Payroll data to give a 360 view of the financial and operational health of individual clinics and DSO’s alike. Specialising in the Normalization and Standardization of data, Dentallytics provides integrated dashboards for all facets of a dental business. For more information please visit or