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Apteryx XrayVision V4 has served its users well in the seven years since it has been released. However, Apteryx has recently announced the following End-of-Life (EOL) plan for XV4:

  • 12–31–2021: Last sale date and installation of XV4. No additional licenses may be purchased.
  • 12–31–2022: End of XV4 support. Dentech will still be able to offer limited support, but certain issues may require switching to Apteryx XVWeb.
  • 06–01–2023: Registration server offline — end of license resets for new servers.

Dentech will continue to fully support XV4 for as long as we can, independent of support resources from Apteryx. However, we strongly encourage our customers to upgrade to Apteryx XVWeb. You can purchase an upgrade to XVWeb directly through Dentech.

We understand that cloud is not an option for all of our customers, so we are working on a server-based solution as an alternative to Apteryx’s cloud solution. In preparation for this update, we will also be announcing an exciting new partnership with a reputable digital imaging company so we can offer you more options and support. Stay tuned!

For any concerns or assistance regarding the changes with Apteryx XV4 or to purchase an upgrade to Apteryx XVWeb, do not hesitate to contact us at (+1) 800–233–4998 ext. 217 or


Jane E. Kaminski

Chief Operating Officer