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We want to keep things as simple as possible for our users with the up-and-coming new Dentech.

In the new Dentech, we have enabled the option for truly UNLIMITED Insurance and Employers, Right in Patient Registration.  You will be able to select the employer tab or insurance tab and add as many of either as you need. There is no limit! 

As an added benefit, we have built the employer and insurance maintenance screens directly into patient registration to eliminate any extra back and forth when information needs to be added or changed.

With just a quick click, you can change the primary and secondary insurance for a patient. No more juggling acts for our customers when it comes to patient insurance and employer information.

Check out our new unlimited insurance and employer feature:

Our early access preview sessions have been going along quite well. It warms my heart to see our customers excited for the updates to come. The enhancements to the new Dentech are a direct response to your continued feedback! To be a part of this exciting journey, I invite you to sign up for a session to see for yourself how we have changed our products to fit your needs. 

I look forward to hearing from you!


Jane E. Kaminski

Chief Operating Officer