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From my conversations with you, I know many of our customers have their own way of using our patient registration features. Some offices do not use every field we offer in our patient registration flow. Others never use quick registration and only go through the regular registration processes.

Over the years, we’ve received much feedback on our registration flow:

“I have to jump between different screens just to change a simple thing on my patient’s profile!”

“My patient has more than one employer, and it’s so complex to add one more.”

“I have to keep pressing next, next, next!”

Don’t worry; it ends now.

See how we’ve changed patient registration to better fit ALL your needs:

We have reimagined the registration process to combine ALL the different ways you use our patient registration feature. Our new interface is now the one-stop-shop for all your registration needs. Rather than having two separate registration flows, we have consolidated them into one comprehensive screen and added different tabs for more information. All your needs, at a glance.

Also, don’t forget that (UNLIMITED!) employer and insurance information are now accessible right on the patient registration page — no more hopping through hoops just to add additional employers or insurance information for a patient.

Can’t wait to see the rest? It’s time to sign up for a demo session and see the new Dentech for yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Jane E. Kaminski