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Today, I’d like to showcase one of the most used areas in Dentech: Quick Phone and all the new enhancements and layout we have included in the new Dentech.

Many of you use Quick Phone daily to look up patient information quickly. Over the years, we’ve heard many customers talk about changes they wish to see in the Quick Phone interface, including more recall and appointment information for family members.

We have redesigned Quick Phone to give you easier access to any information you need at a glance. Plus, all the previously hard-to-find actions are now at a much more visible location right at the top of the screen.

See what improvements we have made to the all new Quick Phone:

As you know, I am offering early access preview sessions for any customer interested in taking a sneak peek into our new Dentech feature sets. If you’re interested in seeing more features like our new and improved Quick Phone, sign up here

I look forward to hearing from you.


Jane E. Kaminski

Chief Operating Officer