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Full Stack Developer
Are you a problem solver and healthcare technology enthusiast pursuing a future in dentistry software? We are seeking experienced and dedicated individuals to join us as a full stack developer in our team. In this position, you will apply your education and refine your technical skills with hands-on experience. You will produce high-quality, effective dental practice software that help customers run their businesses better.


  • Assist with the implementation and maintenance of DevOps Best practices for our new product.
  • Develop, support, and maintain web-based applications.
  • Work effectively with clients to document their business requirements.
  • Develop front end website architecture and designing user interactions on web pages using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and jQuery, PHP.
  • Analyze, design and development of the code to integrate the functional workflow.
  • Develop and manage Database Servers using MySQL which can handle millions of transactions.
  • Hosting the application on Linux Server hosting using cloud platform (AWS) and SSH (Secure Shell Protocol).
  • Writing conversion scripts to convert existing COBAL applications data into MySQL database, normalize database structure.
  • Modify existing software to correct errors, adapt it to new hardware, or upgrade interfaces and improve performance. Knowledge on software integrations using custom Rest API clients.
  • Testing and fixing bugs of the applications or other coding related issues.


Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Work location

Farmington Hills, MI

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