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Manage Patient Docs In A Paperless, Collaborative Environment

Our document management feature helps you rapidly upload, create, and search patient documents across your practice, all at your fingertips. Fully reliable, fully compliant.

With Our Document Management Feature Handling All Your Documents, Dental Practices Like Yours Can:

Enjoy the benefits of a paperless practice and more time helping patients

Practice owners, dental assistants, hygienists, receptionists — anyone who needs to quickly access or update patient records can do so in seconds. Work is streamlined, everything stays updated in one location, and more time is freed up to focus on patients.

Offer patients an easy way to sign documents

Treatment consent forms, insurance confirmation, new patient intake forms–all this and more can be digitally signed and stored inside DenDox.

Have everything you need, where you need it, at your fingertips

When we say DenDox helps you manage all your dental practice’s documents, we mean it!

Medical histories, Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), questionnaires, past communications, a patient’s clinical charts, the list goes on. Files can be securely created and managed from anywhere (PC, Tablet, Mobile, etc.).

Quickly pull up patient files with any info available

Regardless what info a patient can provide over the phone or during an appointment, finding files is a breeze. You or your staff can search by patient name, patient ID, social security number, DOB, phone number, and more.