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Hello ,

I have been hemming and hawing this for awhile now. Reason being is that I am your textbook Type A perfectionist. I always want the projects I am working on to be perfect before showing it to others. With our new Dentech, I find myself contemplating; when is the “perfect” moment to show what we are working on? What I realize is that software development never ends. It is always growing, improving and changing. What I show you today will morph into something more 10 years from now. What Dentech is today isn’t what it was 41 years ago either. It changed and grew exponentially over the past four decades and will continue to grow and change over the coming decades. Ultimately, all that change and growth is driven by people like you, and I can’t very well receive any user feedback if I do not show anything can I?

With that said, let’s take a sneak peak into what we have been working on for you. I decided to start with what we call the Patient Information Bar or PIB for short. I absolutely love this new feature. Who wouldn’t want patient information at your fingertips carried from screen to screen? Always present, this secondary bar will appear below the navigation, giving you quick access to the information you need. (Feel free to click on the image below to enlarge for a better view)

The question is….what patient information should the PIB hold? We all love information at our fingertips, but we also know that too much information can be confusing. Currently our bar supports the following information, but I wonder if this is too much? Too little?

  • Full Name With Preferred Name and Gender (Including a picture of the patient that is carried over from our patient check in kiosk, “Check Me In”)
  • Date of Birth with Age
  • Preferred Phone Number
  • Provider
  • Guarantor
  • Previous and Next Appointments
  • Family Information Button
  • Medical Alerts Button
  • Quick Access to DenDox and DenChart
  • DenTech Integration Button

Our goal is to eliminate the clutter and present information exactly when you need it. Patient information flows from screen to screen readily available at any given moment. So intertwined with your day to day operations that you barely even notice.

I would love to hear your input and thoughts on our neat new feature. What patient information is important to you at your fingertips?

STAY TUNED: In the coming weeks I will be showing you our new icons and navigation panels.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and building this together,

Jane E. Kaminski