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I have always been a fan of cars, motorcycles, anything that goes fast and the more you understand the inner workings of the equipment, the better you can wield it. Just like any software application.

Throughout the years, we have made upgrades, restorations, and improvements to Dentech, similar to a classic car. We’ve found better after market tires, custom made leather seats and brand new suspension. She’s taken us for many a good ride and thousands of miles.

I’m happy to announce we are upgrading and I couldn’t be more excited. Our new platform allows our customers the freedom to grow as technology changes and advances. In feedback from your emails, a healthy discussion around software in the cloud has come about. We understand that cloud operating systems are becoming more prevalent. We also know that not all of our customers or those in the dental industry wish to run their practice in the cloud. We have built a platform with that in mind.

We give you the choice!

Our advancement in technology gives our end users the choice to continue to run our newly designed Dentech application either on an in house server or in a cloud environment, all while maintaining the same functions and features between environments.

This eliminates any learning curves and gives you the freedom to move between server and cloud environment if or when the time is right.… it can get pretty technical pretty fast, but if you’d like to get into the meat of it let me know, I’d be happy to chat.

The direction we are heading arms us with the tools we need to offer exceptional service with greater speed and readiness, and pushes us towards the bleeding edge we were founded on! While excited, there are still questions that many of our customers have. If you have gone through major technical transitions before, I’d love to hear any tips you have. In the end, it’s still just me and our dedicated team, but with you those numbers multiply.

Thank you for being part of this journey (our emails have over a 50% open rate, and incredible replies!), I look forward to hearing from you.


Jane E. Kaminski