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DenDox Software Enhancements:

· Move files to other folders within DenDox by using drag and drop.

· Allow special characters when naming files (i.e. -_$/#).

· Improved, easy to read notification boxes.

· Ability to create customized folders for patients, office and shared office.

· Ability to delete a universal folder for a specific patient.

· Option to save or cancel when renaming a file.

· Help Icon now displays at the top right. Users can access help files for FAQ.

DenDox Resolved:

· Fixed errors with the “Move To” function.

· View deleted files under Office and Shared Office for users with a level 5 clearance or higher.

· Changed permissions for level 4 and 5 users, deleted folders will be hidden but not actually deleted from the system.

· Corrected formatting for Shared Office title.

· Pop up displays for file updates/changes.

· Document version history displays under document info.

· Fixed multiple uploads errors when under Office tab.

DropDox Software Enhancements:

· Check Box added to the sign in window. When checked, the user will stay signed in even when closing out of the application until they log out officially.

· Allow special character when renaming files (i.e. -_$/#).

· Select and delete multiple documents in the Job Details window instead of having to select one at a time.

· Drag mulitple documents into folders by holding down the SHIFT button.

· Document information displays to verify successful upload into DenDox.

· Check box created in the Folder Settings Dialog to give users the choice of automatically opening a document when using Virtual Print.

DropDox Resolved:

· DropDox sign in box displays ON TOP of all other open programs for easy access.

· Blank documents are no longer created when using Virtual Print in DropDox.

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