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DenDox Virtual Printer

Treat the DenDox virtual printer as you would any other installed printer on your workstation.

1. Open the Dentech report from the print manager, select the report then select Print. Or, open your word application, spreadsheet application and select Print from within the Windows application.

2. Select the DenDox Virtual Printer option, then select either OK or Print.

3. You will be prompted to sign into the DropDox program.

· A window will open to enter the User Name and Password.

4. A DenDox user interface will display

5. Select the desired Patient or Office into which this record is to be stored.

6. Right mouse click on the desired document.

· Rename the document if necessary.

7. Drag and Drop the document into the folder where the document is to be stored.

8. A window will pop up to confirm the document move.

Virtual Print 2.png