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Comparing Digital Tools and Clinical Applications

When evaluating products make sure you’re not comparing apples to oranges. How does one begin to make educated decisions regarding digital solutions and clinical applications?

Does one research every possible scenario, every digital instrument, clinical tool or application available? Does one have that much time on their hands? Probably not. Most people rely on the information and recommendations of others for their source.

To make a fair evaluation of any product, one often begins by doing a side-by-side comparison. But first, one must define how they want their dental office to operate and then focus on the solution that meets those requirements. How similar or how different are the two solutions? How are the differences going to affect what your goals are? Are statements made about the products backed with cold hard facts?

Here at Dentech, Inc. we address all people, processes and technological components of taking your practice into the digital revolution. We understand that Doctors want alternatives, therefore, Dentech provides an array of solutions so that you are not trapped into proprietary technologies that limit your options. We are here to help make your digital transition smooth and will provide advice every step of the way.

Dentech only uses “name brand” products from companies that back their systems with the best warranties in the business. With over 30 years in the dental industry, we’ve come to realize the value of a well-built system and your business should insist on the same. At Dentech we are always striving to be exactly what our customers expect and have come to know. Just as your dental practice relies on word of mouth, no business can survive without happy customers. Your relationship shouldn’t end after a sale, it should just be the beginning.

As you approach the decision to add digital solutions into your practice Dentech is here to guide you through the process in order to insure that there are no installation, integration, set-up or support issues after investing in your new technology. Our Dental Practice Specialist can assist, make recommendations and help facilitate the digital solutions that will meet your practices needs.