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Three Steps to Success

Evolving into a Paperless Office may seem grueling, expensive and not worth the time or effort to put into the transition, but there are many benefits to upgrading your practice that may have been overlooked. Going paperless not only helps the environment, it also improves the practice’s bottom line and workflow.

A practice needs three things to implement a successful paperless operation:

1) People 2) Processes 3) Technology

The practice must consider how quickly its employees (people) will adapt to the new technology and if they are comfortable with the idea of change. It is important to be cognizant of the time required to educate and train employees to fully utilize the new technology. After careful consideration of the people involved and their capabilities, the practitioner will have a better understanding of how to proceed with the transition (process). After an implementation process has been developed, the practice must upgrade its infrastructure (technology) to meet the needs of the new paperless solutions.

While the process may still seem complex, keep in mind that the practitioner has the power to choose the speed at which the practice proceeds into the paperless world. Some practices may take their time in moving through the adoption phase while others take a few months. Regardless of your time frame, proper planning must accompany your decisions.

As you approach the decision to add paperless solutions into your practice Dentech, Inc is here to guide you through the process in order to insure that there are no installation, integration, set-up or support issues after investing in your new technology. Our Dental Practice Specialist can assist, make recommendations and help facilitate the paperless solutions that will meet your practices needs.