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Digital Sensors

Digital dental technology was first introduced in the late eighties and has made a slow and steady transition from traditional film. With a 66% adoption rate for digital sensors, it has taken awhile for some to embrace this technology.

With an assortment of digital x-ray imaging equipment to choose from, the advantages of digital x-rays over traditional film are numerous. Today’s digital sensors provide 90% less radiation as compared to traditional x-rays. Digital images are stored on a hard drive which takes up less space than paper charts, can be backed up to an off-site cloud storage for security and image quality will never degrade over time, unlike film. Overall, digital images provide better quality images, are easy to access by multiple users at one time and allow the ability to access images remotely depending on your network configuration.

Digital images are easily accessible and viewable on a computer screen allowing patients and providers a clear view of dental x-rays. The contrast on images can be adjusted to optimize for hard or soft tissues. Digital images of patient x-rays are easier to email to specialists, the patient themselves or as attachments to electronic claims for insurance reimbursement.

With a quick return on your investment, digital sensors can be paid off in approximately 2 months. For example, if you do 25 full mouth x-rays a month at $150 each, then 110 bite wing x-rays at $90 each and 40 periapical x-rays a month for $50 each that is a total of $15,650. Your investment turns around into a profit in a small amount of time.

Implementing digital sensors into your practice is an effective approach to streamline all of your clinical processes. The most important aspect to consider when purchasing digital sensors is how well it integrates with your charting software. Having all of your clinical notes, images and patient charts stored in one location for easy access will save you time and improve patient treatment acceptance.

As you approach the decision to add digital solutions into your practice, Dentech is here to guide you through the process in order to insure that there are no installation, integration, set-up or support issues after investing in your new technology. Our Dentech Sales Consultant can assist, make recommendations and help facilitate the digital imaging solutions that will meet your practices needs.