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In this case study we take a look at a large multi-location dental practice and their implementation of DenChart periodontal voice charting software. Over the span of a year, we explore what is involved in the installation, training and use of voice charting software in a multi-office, geographically dispersed dental practice. Is successfully implementing and utilizing voice-activated charting in a multi-office practice really possible? Let’s find out!

The Problem

The multi-office practice we were working with* expressed to us that their problems with their current software were twofold. The first problem was a dissatisfaction with the inability of their current charting software to run their practice. The second, was the inability of the software’s voice-activation feature to work effectively 100% of the time. Their current software produced many roadblocks to completing exams due to the inability of voice data entry to work on a large wide-area network. This produced frustration amongst staff and patients.

With 15 doctors and 34 hygienists spread out between 4 offices, the office questioned the ability to switch over to a new charting program, DenChart. They expressed concerns with data transfer, wondered how their staff would be trained and worried about the possibility of having to shut down their offices in order to make the switch. Most of all, would a new and different voice activated charting program truly work?

The Solution

To begin the implementation process, two DenChart licenses were loaded onto PCs at each location in order to provide initial training via webinars for every office manager. Training a staff of over one hundred required four trainers; one assigned per location. The entire staff, including doctors, were required to participate in the training session. All aspects of training were covered including keyboard, mouse and voice data entry.

In less than two days, over 100 workstations were loaded with DenChart. Appropriate training was provided for each office manager so that they would be able to answer any questions within their own office. By the end of the first day of training, over 100 staff were ready to take DenChart live. Within 24 hours of going live on DenChart, all four locations had completed a very impressive 536 exams, all using voice data entry. Within 4 months, they had completed 21,526 charts all using Voice Activation. The office states that DenChart’s reliable and accurate Voice Triplet Command and Resume Command features considerably reduced their exam times, while clinical note dictation delivered faster and more accurate exam notes by voice.


Given the right tools, software, and training, Voice-Activated Periodontal Charting can work for any practice and staff. We conclude that not only does Voice-Activated Periodontal Charting truly work, but it also produces a huge return on your investment. Voice charting is a reality and here to stay for both single and multi-office practices.

The right solution and the right services make it happen.

*References available upon request

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