Improve efficiency throughout the office
with our
NEW patient Check-In Kiosk and Monitor System

Check-Me-In™ is a patient self check-in kiosk that frees your staff from congestion at the front
desk, and provides them the opportunity to spend more personal one-on-one time with each patient.




Check•Me•In…The Easy Patient Self Check-in Kiosk


ü Integrates intuitive touch screen technology

ü Displays on-screen notification of patient arrival

ü Fully customizable patient questions

ü Monitors patient chair time

ü Captures patient “selfie” profile pictures




  • Replace the sign-in sheet at the front desk

  • Patient self check-in  takes less than a minute to check-in

  • Improves efficiency throughout the office

  • Ability to follow a patient from start to finish

  • Plus so much more!


Available for most major practice management systems!


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